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Our Mission

Academics First, LLC embraces a philosophy of excellence. Our mission is to build confidence in student’s ability to learn by creating a culture of high expectations. We will provide a foundation for learning that students can build upon for success in the 21st century. Our multi-sensory approach to teaching will help foster learning in a safe and happy environment.

Who Are We

Who Are We?

Academics First, LLC was founded by educators and entrepreneurs. All products of schools listed as “In Need of Improvement”. Our administrative team of Program Specialists will supervise at the school level. This team of retired educators and business professionals will monitor sites weekly and establish a working relationship with all stakeholders.

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  Students will:

  • focus on number sense, numerical operations, and estimation
  • practice computation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) with rational numbers through direct instruction
  • practice the properties and relationships in geometry, standard units of metrics, and customary measurement
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    Language Arts

      Students will:

  • practice reading fluency, comprehension, and word study from a variety of texts
  • understand the writing process through guided writing instruction and practice
  • participate in group discussions by questioning and offering personal opinions related to the topic of discussion
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    Educational Benefits

     We offer:

  • Over 40 hours of tutoring
  • Pre/Mid/Post Testing
  • Research Based Curriculum Integrated with NJCCCS
  • Small group instruction
  • Test preparation

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